Shokuken Corporation is a company developing and producing such as a processing edible meat product, frozen food, the food function material since the establishment.

How to cook : Microwave

Stick filet cutlet 60 frozen05_1 frozen05
The shape of the filet cutlet is stick.
It keeps the taste after cooking.
It can cook easily with a microwave or natural thawing.
It can be used also for the ingredient of rolled sushi.
RENJI DE HIREKATSU (Microwave cooking filet cutlet)  frozen07_1  frozen07
It is pork filet and cut into proper sizes for ease eating.
It has already deep fried and cooked.
It can cook easily with a microwave.
Microwave quick cooking sirloin cutlet  frozen08
It is a heated cutlet using the pork loin of Smithfield Inc. in US. The breading is crispy with microwave and meat is juicy.
Thick sliced pork loin cutlet  frozen13_1  frozen13
This is called the best of our core product “pork cutlet”.
The thickness is 15 mm. It is twice thicker than our regular ones.
It can cook easily with a microwave.
The pork cutlet for microwave cooking covered with miso sauce.  frozen14_1  frozen14
The bite-size pork cutlet is soaked in the original blend miso sauce of our own company. We recommend this pork cutlet for a side dish of lunch, a miso cutlet on rice and a hot dog filling.
Sweet & spicy chicken cutlet  frozen15_1  frozen15
It is chicken cutlet with our original blend sweet and spicy sauce “Nanban Tare”
It is very tasty and cook easily with a microwave.
Since it keeps the taste after cooking, it is good for lunchbox.


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