Shokuken Corporation is a company developing and producing such as a processing edible meat product, frozen food, the food function material since the establishment.

Production facilities

We are making efforts for manufacturing “safe products” which our customers can be satisfied with.

Moreover, in each operation, hygiene supervision and product tampering preventive measures are implemented, and the materials currently used for a product are managed to keep traceability to a place of origin.

obj_seisan_001Washing-hand equipment

obj_seisan_002Air shower equipment

obj_seisan_003Dock shelter

Inspection process

obj_seisan_005Frying process

obj_seisan_006Frier steamer

obj_seisan_007Rapid freezing

obj_seisan_008X ray foreign material detector

obj_seisan_009Metal detector

obj_seisan_010Packing process

obj_seisan_011Product storage warehouse

obj_seisan_012Product inspection

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