Shokuken Corporation is a company developing and producing such as a processing edible meat product, frozen food, the food function material since the establishment.

First Food menu

Soft fried pork sandwich frozen09_1  frozen09
The sauce cutlet softly processed into the bread of toast finish easy to eat was inserted. It is also good to eat after natural thawing.
Pork cutlet rolled sushi 12 rolls  frozen10_1  frozen10
It is a sushi roll. Stick-like pork cutlet with sauce, mayonnaise, and cabbage wrapped by seaweed are inside.
It is cut into proper sizes for ease eating.
Rice hamburger (chicken cutlet with sauce)  frozen11_1  frozen11
It is chicken cutlet which chicken breast meat is used.
It is dipped into our original sauce.
It is sandwiched by grilled rice ball with soy sauce.
The ingredients of pork cutlet bowl  frozen12_1  frozen12
It is a set of the ingredients of pork cutlet bowl. It includes pork loin.
Breaks are put in a cutlet so that it is easy to cut with chopsticks.
It can cook easily with a microwave.


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